Just call it Untitled, said El Lissitzky

Each year during the harvest, we have that one tank that we use for all the "leftovers" of our musts that we can't fit into their barrel or own smaller vessel. You can't waste anything, you have to use all the resources, especially when dealing with beautiful raw material that has cost you a lot of effort. Today's hot topic (#zerowaste), but it's always been like this where I come from. You let the wine do its magic and then, at the end of the harvest, voilá Nestarec Ultimate Vintage cuvée. We usually kept it to ourselves, but last year it came out particularly nice and now when I'm showing you all the shades of my work in those limited editions, it makes so much sense to let it fly outside the Chateau walls... (to the extent in which a magnum bottle can fly)

The name, as simple as it is, took us a bit of time - our working title Patchwork was already taken by a certain Tissot (those Jura people, really), others weren't quite right.. But then, a constructivist deus ex machina stroke in the Venetian Peggy Guggenheim collection and there we go. See, even winemaker's life is impossible without art.

The label is a photograph by Radek Brousil, a Czech multi-media artist whose work often revolves around the topic of water and its wasteful management: Wine is partly water, just as our body... Nevertheless, we keep mistreating this precious resource, be it by all the plastic bottles or the flower production in Africa that this photograph, taken for my Red Naomi exhibition, comments on. But we chose it also because of a positive message - drinking Untitled feels like a refreshing splash of water.

Wanna drink this?  This limited edition is right now available here in my eshop.

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