If God Exists, I Hope He Has a Good Excuse

I’m a big fan of the creed that cars should serve us, not the other way around. Things like progress in the automotive industry, fuel injection and carburetors are all Greek to me. But I am interested in how cars look. If I didn’t have my three old Skoda Felicias (90s swag nostalgia - they were cool when I was young so they'll stay in my heart forever, as you can imagine) in the yard, I’d love to drive the car on this label. I’d love to be judged for my bad taste for driving the car on the label. I'd cruise in my Multipla sharpei of a car, looking forward to another gettogether with fellow Multipla-owning fans, laughing a bit at the other people around us driving cars that all look all alike. (Just have to persuade my wife to get in there with me - she's one of those people completely blind to the time-proven, MoMA-guaranteed charm of Roberto Giolito's genius car design.)

Why am I telling you all this - I got sick & tired of listening to other people saying that you can’t make a no-sulfur Riesling because it loses its personality, and it’s not a true Riesling anymore. Will the real Riesling please stand up, please stand up?! Don’t bother with the worn-out cliché that Mosel Riesling is the only true shit. Unless you’re talking about Rudi Trossen here, a Winemaker with a capital W making Rieslings with a capital R.

The best answer to all the claims that something is not possible is to just do it. No losing time analysing why it’s not possible. So I did it, back in 2017. A no-SO2 added Riesling, from our Babušák plot. With no skin contact, this grape is so genius you can simply press it and let it ferment (in a neutral oak in this case). Not possible my ass!

The current 2020 ed got a slight redesign: it is a blend of 3 vintages and multiple (Multipla, ahaha ba dum tss) barrels. And I’m bottling it under cork, not crown cap like before because I’m positive it has beautiful ageing potential.

Wanna drink this?  These are the guys to ask where to get my wine in your country.

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