1,21 Gigawatt

I'm repeating myself, but this is - again - about energy in a bottle. Light-hearted Gruner Veltliner from our Oplocenka vineyard. The epitome of an everyday wine, so easy you're not afraid to add some water to it. You like to drink it because it has some zing, this je-ne-sais-quoi. It doesn’t tire you, quite the opposite.

I'm always secretly laughing a bit when I hear “we did x / y to build some structure in this wine” or “we worked this wine” because the only way I work on wine is opening a bottle to drink it, lol. Which was the case here, too - no fucking around, just some big ol' acacia barrels and then we forgot it until we needed to release something new and it found out that it had become awesome in the meantime. Like if a myriad of tiny little things came together and radiated incredible accumulated energy. 1,21 GW, at least. (Hence the hens on the label.)

But it's really all about this electricity - it won't overwhelm you with a huge texture, body, viscosity or whatever. That's not its point. I like this wine because it somehow symbolises who we are. The everyday regular normal wine. It doesn't shout, but has so much to say. And I like that.

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