Bum Bum Cha

The best things aren't born of deliberation, but of accidents and necessity.

Danger's little sister. An unplanned child, though: the day we pressed our Riesling, one barrel needed to be topped up with about a third of its volume. We didn’t have time to think about it, but had some direct-press Blaufränkisch at hand. Boom, let's put them together, fingers crossed. Tasting it before the end of fermentation, boom, we were stunned: hello little beauty, under the crown cap you go, our first rosé pet-nat you shall become. We’d probably never think of putting these two varieties together. Sometimes the best things aren't born of deliberation but of accidents and necessity.

The label was designed by young Brazilian artist Ciro Bicudo - Ciro reached out to me via Messenger after drinking one of my bottles, saying that he liked it and felt like doing something together. I loved his proactivity and his work; in the meantime, Bum Bum Cha was born and needed a label. The jigsaw was falling into place. (Hear hear: I love these kinds of collabs, whether it be with wine or anything else. So if you ever feel like there’s something you can help me with or vice versa, just reach out.).

Here's Ciro’s philosophy behind the label: When I think of pet-nat, I see it as transformation, something wild and free, that splashes you (not literally please) with a symphony of aromas, taste, colours and silky bubbles when opened. So I created a collage of vivid colours and shapes inspired by fabrics, my Brasilian urban culture and the feeling of energy and regeneration I have when drinking natural wines. It’s super important for me to be working with people who are independent and pushing the boundaries - so I was very honoured to be part of that moment of Nestarec Wines. Super excited to be able to make a piece of art for a work of art.

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