Eat your ca(r)bs!

CC alias Carbo Cabernet. Because yes, you can make a decent Cabernet Sauvignon even in Moravia if you respect the soil, climate etc, instead of trying to copy Bordeaux (knowing deep down inside that you won't succeed anyway). Also about how I learnt to throw away prejudice - very liberating.

I've never planted any Cabernet, rather bumped into it. I used to be almost militant actually, refusing things without trying them first, and this grape was one of them. But then we happened to buy vineyards with full-grown Cabernet Sauvignon and Franc - and I made peace with them. “What you don't try you don't know”, as one Czech wine nestor used to say. You might fail in 99 outta 100 things you try but the last one can still be worth it. Or teach you something important, which was the case here: turn drawbacks into advantages.

Hence, Cabernet. Our very first wine from the almost 20-yo plot called Sahary (yes, sandy soil). 100% carbonic maceration, one and only barrel that didn't fit with anything else. Not because it would be worse or better. Just different, and it remained that way. Bottled directly from the barrel.

I wanted something merry, even crazy for this label, based on typography and flashy colours. Klára Zápotocká, a graphic designer from the Breisky studio, caught the spirit right away:

Two letters, reduced colours and forms, playing with composition. A bit of math, a lot of contrast.

Clients often ask us for the opposite - more logos, colours, more“give-it-away”, more brand, more of everything. But with Milan, we had a “dream brief” kinda situation, with maximal freedom and trust. Endless playground 135x85 millimetres, make it as crazy as you want as long as it works. Pure joy. The result is a typography exercise that made me buy and try out a whole new pack of typefaces, spreading my wings to dada: carbo circuit choked cabernet cauvignon country chanson cyclically correct creative chestnut curse 'cause can't customise citing circus crazy cut-off cheers!

Cheers indeed - these 6 different versions, unified by colour and type-game and mix-matched in boxes, are exactly what I wanted for this wine.

Wanna drink this?  This limited edition is right now available here in my eshop.

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