Old Fashioned

Blanc de noirs de blancs

Call me Old Fashioned but I sometimes like to go back to what we were doing in the 90s and before the Velvet revolution (not in the political sense, of course). It's a part of our history, no use to turn blind eye to it. One of these old-school things was a "second-serve" wine, nowadays back in fashion as piquette: you'd take the already pressed skins, add water, some sugar, acid and let it ferment. Everybody did it, no matter how much they try to deny it now.

But, I changed the recipe: we pressed the Chardonnay only very lightly so that the pomace remained juicy and full of flavour. And, instead of water, I poured a direct-press juice from Pinot Noir over them and let it co-ferment in an open vat for about 2 weeks. It was a bit of improvisation actually, as the grapes were affected by Drosophila Suzuki (a gnat that unfortunately becomes more and more common here in Moravia), therefore we couldn't process them with skin contact as we'd normally do. Which shows the challenges and humility present in winemaking - you can make all the plans you want but then nature comes and sends something completely different and unpredictable your way, and harvest turns into a mind game where you have to make quick and smart decisions... As I hopefully did here. The result is a white wine with intense colour and even more intense drinkability. Une piquette á la Champenoise mode Nestarec, lol.

Also with a tiny Jura touch: while ageing, the wine got a little bit of flor, so I stopped topping it up (let him have it if he wants it, right?). The result is a slightly nutty nose - unplanned but welcome by the sherry lover in me.

The graceful labels are true originals - every single one creased, coloured, stamped and glued by hand. Coming from the unique barn of Honza Klimeš - a fine paper restorer who, among many other things (and many like-minded friends sharing the beautiful part of Vysočina where he lives), makes a rad fermented birch sap called Euforia. I always enjoyed their labels, so I inevitably realised that I needed a piece of Honza's creative genius on my bottles too.

Seen through Honza's eyes: All was based on a totall naturall approach: no makeup. I went through a vineyard in my mind, something got torn, something got coloured, something got creased. You close your eyes and open them only on the top of the hill and see what's around you. Colours of wine and Waldorf pastels. Letters that were at hand. I only found a capital T so I simply used that. Also, ego came into play and the ego knew Nestarec labels: what is it? Pop art? Want at first sight. I don't know Milan personally, perceive him rather as an introvert, hence the ego told me : when you see this : this is not nestarec

But it is nestarec

Wanna drink this?  This limited edition is right now available here in my eshop.

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