Gotta catch them all!

In the mind of a curious winemaker: Nestarec limited editions.

Well well, look what we've got here...

When tasting in the cellar, these are the wines that make my heart sing the most. Eyes glowing with joy, I show one limited edition after another, explaining what makes it so special. This comes from some micro plot with a specific character. Here, we did a small-scale trial to see what happens. That, haha, happened by accident. Or it didn't fit anywhere else. Or or or...

We mostly used to drink them at home with friends and family - what else to do with these tiny quantities... But now, now I have an ideal opportunity to share it with you guys. To take each special cuvée - a page in the journal of a restless winemaker - when it's ready to shine. Dot it with a name and a bespoke label crafted by someone whose work I enjoy, who takes its unique story further. Each wine is a limited affair - available until stocks last, no second chances.

If you, like me, suffer from always buying gifts last minute, you'll probably enjoy our gift cards: delivered to your email in two secs, printed on any printer in three. Xmas saved, phew. Details on the cards here.

We also prepared a limited amount of tasting cases of 6 or 12 bottles for those of you who'd love to check our perennial offer.

Should you be after individual bottles, differently composed case or B2B cooperation, please get in touch with my dear distribution partners - find the one closest to you.

And, last but not least, our shipping rates and terms.(spoiler alert: fill up the cases!)

Do you ship to my galaxy?

Hopefully. Details here.

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