These lovely folks spread the Nestarec gospel at home and abroad

Jeez, I'm such a lucky guy! I do what I feel is right. And people enjoy it. They drink it, buy it, share it w others without me having to push them or compromise. All thanks to these folks - my importers and distributors, my friends. Without them, I could hardly do what I do, employ people and pay them well.

The winemakers are often painted as rockstars or heroes, but let's be honest - without this global network of like-minded people, I'd have to drink all this wine myself (which I probably could but only got one liver so I'm happy to share). I have a lot of admiration for people who see potential in things that most people don’t understand (yet). Which is exactly what happened to me with people like Bogdan and Standa from Veltlin, Honza Čulík from Tábor (my sidekick for most of my first trips abroad), my French connection Fleur, Alex and David from Montréal, Phil and Jenny in NY, Lulie in Japan, Marko Kovač nad Niko Dukan aka my so-called Balkan mafia (that's an affectionate term even though it might not seem so). Those were the first people to give my wines a chance and ride the wave w me.

When you are neck-deep in shit and liabilities because almost no-one gets your wine at home, an encouragement like this feels like a shot of water of life. Might sound a bit cheesy coming from a person who otherwise jokes about everything - but these people have my eternal respect and gratitude, all jokes aside.

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