3rd Sex

Not a boy, not a girl. Third sex. By no means anything less good - on the contrary, it can be something quite unique. It’s all about your viewpoint. About being open-minded. This wine is my tribute to all things NOT black and white. A reminder that prejudices are good for nothing, and only weigh you down. Because judging a wine based on its label would mean imposing a role on it a bit early. (Btw, isn’t it fascinating how timeless Monty Python is? The quote that inspired me is from their 1983 movie.)

This wine could be a textbook example of cognitive bias: when you say Gewurztraminer, most of us start to imagine a darker white with over-the-top hefty aromatics and a mouth full of flavour and sweetness. Just a tad shy of a creme brulée. Well, this wine is anything but. You can picture it as such - but isn’t it a pity to close your mind to all the identities it shows in the glass? Young vines from our Babušák vineyard, picked super early to keep all the drinkability for us. No fucking around, no skin contact. Boom, boom, wine. Gewurztraminer for people who normally wouldn’t even go near it.

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