Toujours Vivant

Hommage a un immortel de chez nous.

I love to have a dialogue with people selling my wine because I believe that our coop can only work when they stand 100% behind the bottles they offer. And I also love bottling wine in big volumes. Not necessarily magnums since the glass and cork itself for those can cost nearly as much as what’s inside but the litre bottle is so cool.

Toujours Vivant is the child of both of these hobbies. Born January 2020, the evening before the Bottled Alive natural wine fest in Tábor, exclusively for my Montreal family Ward & Associés and their bar vinvinvin, whose chief Niko also created its label. It’s a special white blend of it all: different vintages, different grapes (all the white varietals we do, actually), skin & no skin, lees & no lees, direct press, foot-stomp, carbonic; opulence, this cuvée owns everything. Available only in Montréal via the afore-mentioned guys.

The name refers to an eponymous hit by cult Montréal singer Gerry Boulet, but obviously also a great description of the wine’s character - it really is Still Alive.

I really love this kind of cooperation. (Like really, bug me with limited bottlings - for your bar, your café, your import market: I love making them all.) Because of this fermentation, this spontaneous exchange of ideas, of values - wine is a great vehicle for this and I’m immensely happy when I see that the final product carries a mark of both parties involved, not just mine. I dig people who are good at what they do and keep going forward - and love to move forward with them.

This limited edition is only available through my Montreal distributor Ward & Associés.

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