Just because you feel good

My long-time Prague distributor Standa (of Veltlin.cz) enjoyed our recently released Dopamin & Postmoderna wines so much that he suggested I find them a skin-contact sibling.

I'm happy to oblige with this soft soft maceration – actually more of a whole bunch fermentation – of three recent vintages (2021, 22 & 23, balancing each other out wonderfully), aged together as solera in big barrel. It will probably make Standa even happier (although that wasn't the main reason, it also happens to be my favourite white grape), the blend is based on Veltliner.

An ode to finding joy in small everyday things. (And everyday bottles.) Wine is supposed to make us feel good, right?

Each bottle is a hand-made original, sprayed by my incredible crew. (Yes they hate me for giving them this job, thanks for asking.)



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