Le grand carambolage

Our Blaufrankisch library now consists of several dozen "volumes”, as I started collecting wines from this beautiful grape from the 2016 vintage onwards. Contrary to its friend Dopamin, released at the same time, this wine is a very deliberate combination of 9 barrels that complement each other. In this wine, we don't want to showcase the voice of one given location, vintage or point of view; its force lies in the fact that there are 9 of them, no shouting or boasting but rather a pretty civil debate.

I wanted to make a friendly, energetic Blaufränkisch for everyday drinking (not a “big” one, we have JIL for that), wine that's good and not simple but very approachable. A very personal wine in which I return to the different stages of my journey and winemaking philosophies of the last decade. Limited amount of mags made.

Wanna drink this?  These are the guys to ask where to get my wine in your country. Or get our Winter Tasting pack here.

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