Next level Nouveau.

The first tasting after fermentation is the moment in the life of wine that I enjoy the most. It’s so magical - you don’t know what to expect, and you’re so stoked and thrilled. A first step into the unknown. Or a first date. You’re imagining what it’s gonna be like but have no clue until it really happens…

Winemaking is so exciting, right? My wine usually (luckily) has the energy and spirit of a young person: you like it so much that you’re ready to forgive all its naivety and sometimes childish behaviour. I thought that as I got older, I’d switch to 20-yo wines that make me all wise and philosophical. Alas, it didn’t happen - I still love that zingy, untamed youthful charm. And I wanted to share it with others. Hence the Youngster range - a Polaroid photograph of how the wine looks in our autumn cellar, in the barrel just after it has finished fermentation.

When ordering, you never know exactly what you’ll get (Nestarec Surprise!) - just that it’s gonna be a blend of our most approachable, most ready-to-drink barrels of the new vintage. Another surprise is the label, because each year I make new ones inspired by the faces of my friends.

First rule of Youngster club - you can talk about Youngster club. And then:

  • Only available for orders once a year, September until mid-October
  • We only bottle the pre-ordered quantity, no second chances here
  • Three versions – white, rosé and red

The wines are available for sale and shipping from the beginning of November. To be drunk immediately, well-chilled and with an open mind.

Wanna drink this?  These are the guys to ask where to get my wine in your country.

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