Where to drink Nestarec in Prague


"Hey, we're going to Prague for a couple of days, where can we taste your wine while there?" I often get asked. So here's a little list to quench your thirst.

A good starting point is definitely VELTLIN – my Prague distributor who also runs a natural wine bar in the hip Karlín district – drop by to taste a wide selection of not just my stuff but also many other exciting Czech and CEE wineries.

Bokovka is another cute wine bar (not serving only natural wine), smash-dab in the historical centre. Marie B, a laid-back wine shop / restaurant with a fun concept of secret set menu, is basically just next door.

If you happen to stay in Vršovice, make sure to pay a visit to Vršovický Fajnšmekr – a small and cosy wine bar & shop where they often sport our wines also BTG (bonus points for the mostly-female staff – we love these dedicated ladies).

If you feel like a glass/bottle of Nestarec alongside a nice lunch or dinner, head to La Dégustation Bohême Bourgeoise – besides our White Labels range, they also have a limited-ed Pinot Blanc or XOXO and few more single-barrel single-vineyard wines that we made only for them so you can't have them anywhere else .) Čestr or Alcron restaurants are also great options when downtown and hungry for something finer.

Alma, a recent exciting addition to the Prague food scene, serves many of our wines both BTG and by the bottle. This cool resto/café/bar/winebar beast of a concept, located behind the National Theatre, also includes a brick-and-mortar store of their Alma Wines distribution sibling, featuring our collab Ruce ("Hands").

And then there's a bunch of cool cafés, bars and bistros all around Prague, perfect for a lighter bite and a glass:

Last but not least, a very fun and laid-back way to drink natural wine, including mine, is definitely Družstvo Wine Pop-Up. Družstvo (= collective or cooperative in Czech) consists of a bunch of my friends who organise wild wine parties in different, often otherwise inaccessible places around Prague every once in a while, and the vibe and wine selection are always spot-on.

List non-exhaustive – if you have an update to suggest, let us know!

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