Forks & Knives Red

Plastic isn't vegan, it's made of dead dinosaurs

F&K Red is a blend of Pinot Noir + some Blaufrankisch, Cab Sauv & Cab Franc. Quite carbonic, immensely chuggable. Low viscosity, absent minerality, zero bullshit. Wine to be smashed along with some food - nothing more, nothing less. Serve thoroughly chilled.

The first time we did this in 2018 was so lip-smacking that even I ("can't we make it just a little bit better" is my middle name) didn't find anything to polish. Therefore the current 2019 vintage serves the same addictive mix of pinotish je-ne-sais-quoi and cheeky Moravian spice. 10% ABV only so that you can drink it all night long... (Speaking of which, I bottled some magnums, too.)

The story behind the F&K line The role that wine used to play in my country always pissed me off: not an essential part of almost any meal like elsewhere, but rather a binge drink afterwards / a treat for special occasions. For me & my family, wine is like food, something that should be on your table every day. Our bread and butter (literally).

This is the kind of wine I wanna make: affordable, everyday, friendly stuff. Not something for the upper class, not something you need to swirl your glass and head around, talking about viscosity or minerality for ages (no offence, but jeez do I hate this word). My wine is for drinking, not for flashing posh terms. And the Forks & Knives range is a perfect embodiment of this.

Family values

The F&K range started with the 2014 vintage – I met Fleur Godard, my French importer, in Cologne, along with Justine Saint Lo, a wonderful illustrator who also happens to be the sister of Francois Saint Lo, a great Loire Valley winemaker. Back in my cellar, when tasting the then nearly-born wine, we had a revelation: it was fate that decided Justine should make the labels, which I’ve kept ever since – I love their power to communicate the easy “everyday wine for any meal & table” vibe that this wine is all about.

Originally varietal wines, now all blends. Aged in stainless steel and big neutral barrels of 600 and 3000 litres. All bottled under crown caps to keep all that energy in, and once again in clear bottles because, jeez, look at those colours! No sulfur added, no fining, no filtration. The normal way.

Wanna drink this?  These are the guys to ask where to get my wine in your country.

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