Danger 380 Volts

Dangerously drinkable. Approach at your own risk.

One of our most beloved wines, a salty-citrus-exotic sparkler that captures the wonderful, unique energy of nascent wine.

Its origins were truly dangerous: the first time I tried to make sparkling wine in 2012, I bottled it with too much residual sugar and my warehouse became a military zone, with bottles randomly exploding here and there. 5000 of them. It took me a bit of time to digest the fact that all this wine and work had gone down the drain, but I eventually got over it and tried again. Fast forward to spring 2017: we're tasting my second iteration with my wife and it is... freaking awesome! So refreshing, so energetic. As we were drinking this electrifying wine, right next to us, no kidding, stood an electric transformer adorned with that notorious “Danger 380V” sign. And bang! The name & label were born in a sec.

We always make it from the same single vineyard, our sandy plot called Sahary, so it's a field blend of Neuburger (for personality), Muller (for drinkability), and Muscat (for some aromatic oomph).

The wine is so dangerously drinkable that we bottle it also as a magnum (770V) and cute half-bottles called 230V – for when you need that extra jolt of energy but isostar ain't your thing .)

Wanna drink this?  These are the guys to ask where to get my wine in your country.

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