Klasika Frankovka rosé 2014

Not really traditional version of rosé wine. Spontaneous fermentation of Blaufrankisch juice from old vineyards. Fermantation and aging were done in big accacia barrel. Enriched by 15 % of sweet straw wine, which made this wine the only one with residual sugar in our portfolio.

Frankovka rosé

Klasika Malvasia 2014

A neglected variety Veltlinske cervene rane (Malvasia) can provide interesting and distincive wine. It aged in big accacia barrels on the fine yeasts until May 2015 with no SO2 added. Just a small amount of S02 was added before botteling. Light, fresh wine with spicy aftertaste, which urges the next sip. Ideal wine for gastronomy or just to drink it everyday.


Klasika Riesling 2014

Light, bone dry Riesling with significant acidity, but at the same time with great drinkability. A blend of four different vineyards with age ranging from 7 – 33 years. Fermentation followed by 14 months aging exclusively in accacia barrels sized from 600 – 100 litres. 30% of new barrels, the rest second or third use. Dedicated to thirsty people. We love Riesling. No clarificaton, no filtration.


Klasika Neuburg 2014

Matter of the heart and and my father´s variety. It needs two times more care in the vineyards as well as in the cellar. It finely shows the character of our soil. I would like to work more with this variety in the future. Typical Neuburger for our region, not a parfumed lady. The vineyards are between 12 – 15 years old. Fermentation and aging in accacia as well as in 600l oak barrels. Bottled after 14 months. 30% of new barrels. No clarification, no filtration.


Klasika Pinot gris 2014

Do not expect „typical“ Moravian Pinot Gris, which is full of residual sugar and maximally over-parfumed. The deep colour says already about the variety and maceration before fermetation. Distincive wine, no mainstream or narrow-mindeness. Grapes come from 3 vineyards, ranged between 12 – 27 yeards. Fermentation and aging were done in oak and accacia barrels for 13 months. No clarification, no filration.

Pinot gris

Klasika Hibernal 2014

It tempts by its intensit aroma and do not let you go. Young and sprightly wine which is full of life. Dry with significant acidity. It provides simple access and joy. Grapes come from 14 years old vineyard. Wine fermented and agend in 600l barrels for 13 months. 1/3 of the barrels were new. No clarification or filtration.


Klasika Sauvignon Blanc 2014

Richness, intenzity and wildeness. No green agresivity or annoying tropicality. This wine is full of energy and love. My vision of the variety. A blend from two vineyards, harvested gradually. The age of vineyards ranges from 16 – 31 years. Fermentation and aging in oak and accacia barrels – 225 -600 litres, some new barrels. No filration or clarification.

Sauvignon Blanc

Klasika Vlasak 2014

Different and exciting wine but „old school“ at the same time. I tis not showy but honest. Mineral Welchriesling coming from 35 years vineyards. 25% of the wine was fermented on the skin, the rest in new 600l accacia barrels and blended after the fermentation. No filration or clarification.


Klasika Veltlin 2014

Very demanding, very interesting and very easy to underestimate. Unortodox wine in many ways. Gruner Veltliner coming from older 25 – 40 years old vineyards. 40% of the juice fermented on the skins, the rest in accacia barrels. No filtration, no clarification.


Klasika Zweigelt 2012

Red variety, which in our conditions achieves good results every year Wine unchained by rules, inox or SO2. 13 years old vineyard. Fermentation in open vats and aging for 20 months in older 225l oak barrels. No clarification, no filtration.


Klasika Dornfelder 2012

Relatively young variety, which comes from German city Weinsberg, introduced in 70s. Red variety with its typical high colour and low tannins. Fermentation in open vats, aging 15 months in older 225l oak barrels. No filtration, no clarification.


 Forks and Knives 2014

The term „Forks nad Knives“ was created as a support to the purpose of the wine „Wine to be paired with a meal, wine as a meal“. Neuburger is our essential variety. Young, slightly rash and very playful wine. Fermented and agend in stainless steel tank for one year. No filtration, no clarification. The label was design by french artitst Justine Saint – Lo.

Forks and Knives

 Forks and Knives 2014

„Wine to be paired with a meal, wine as a meal“ thus „Forks and Knives. Red wine made to keep its freshness and fruitiness. No „pigage“ , no sinking of the solid parts to keep the CO2. It provides slighty fizzy feeling. Fresh, juicy with soft tannins. We recommend to chill the wine down to express its freshness.

Forks and Knives
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