Antika Veltlínské zelené 2013

Beautifully riped grapes which were in great fenolic ripeness but at the same time with low potentional alcohol. Destemped and fermented on the skin in open vat the same way as red wine is made. No pressing, just free run juice. Aged in 225 l barrel. Nothing else.

Veltlínské zelené

Antika Miky-mauz 2014

Made in the honor of Micky mouse, my lifelong idol. – a blend of Chardonnay, Traminer, Pinot Gris and Gruner Veltliner. Fermentation on the skin for 10 days. Followed by aging in oak barrels. No filtration, no clarification. How simple.


Antika Podfuck 2014

A collegue of mine thought about Blauerportugiesser or St. Laurent (red varieties) when he tasted this wine for the first time. He couldnt belive that´s Pinot Gris. Because he knew me a bit, he asked: „Is it some kind of a con? (con – podfuk in Czech) “ Pinot Gris from old 35 years old vineyard. Fermentation on the skins for 14 days. No filtration, no clarification.


Antika Tramín 2014

Uncompromising wine! Aroma, tannins, colour. That is a form, which the variery likes! No rules. These are there to brake them! Old vineyards - 45 years old. Fermentation on the skin followed by 3 months of maceration. No filtration, no clarification. Wine, which you love or hate, nothing between.


Antika Frankovka 2011

Excelent vintage for reds! Reduction on vine – 0,3 – 0,5 kg per plant. Harvested on November 11, when the first wines of the vintage entering market. Short maceration before fermentation and staying 6 months on the skins after fermentation. 24 months aging in 225l barrels.

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